How to set the aperture size in photography?

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It can be said that setting the aperture value is a very important part in photography basic techniques. Before pressing the shutter, we must first observe the lighting conditions and shooting environments to set the reasonable aperture value according to the situation. It can help us get a clear screen, and effectively control the depth of field and show the photographers' shooting intent. In this article we will show tips for setting the aperture.

1. Large aperture will blur the background and highlight the subject

As we all know, the larger the aperture, the shallower the depth of field. So you can avoid the messy background around to affect the picture's effect, and make the focus be concentrated in the subject in the screen to highlight the subject.

2. Other factors affect the depth of field

Except the aperture size, the focal length of the lens, shooting distances and the distance between subject and background can also affect the depth of field.

Under the premise of remaining the aperture size and the shooting distance, the longer the focal length of the lens, the shallower the depth of field will be. Under the premise of remaining the focal length of the lens and aperture, the closer the shooting distance, the shallower the depth of field will be. And under the premise of remaining the aperture size, shooting distance and the focal length of the lens, farther the backgrounds away from the subject, the shallower the depth of field will be.

Therefore, setting a large aperture, using telephoto lens, close to the main subject, and away from the background are able to take more blurred background photos with shallow depth of field.

3. Using a large aperture s to avoid making screen fuzzy in shimmer handheld shooting

When shooting under low light conditions in indoor, cloudy, or evening, a common problem is the photo "fuzzy". This is because when shooting in low-light environments, it requires a longer exposure time (slower shutter speed) to obtain the desired results. Once the shutter speed is lower than the handheld safe speed, the hand shaking can cause blurred pictures. In this case, using a large aperture is able to enhance the photosensitive component unit of time and then enhancing the shutter speed to avoid blur.

Using the large aperture to enhance the shutter speed is not only used in low-light environments, it can often be used in sunny days especially for shooting dynamic subjects.

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How to set the aperture size in photography?

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How to set the aperture size in photography?

This article was published on 2012/12/25